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WaveZ is a set of noise cancelling earbuds that uses binaural beats, or the difference of frequency waves, to aid in sleep. These frequency waves stimulates your electric brain activity making you feel sleepy and relaxed.



PillowZ is a massaging pillow that hits different pressure points on your neck and scalp to destress and enhance your sleep. It does this by using electronic massage beads to hit nerve clusters, which improves blood circulation, and in turn allows better sleep.



Lighting is an important factor in falling sleep and enhancing deep sleep. With sophrology breathing, you can sync your breathing to the adjusting light and thus steadying your breath. It also has auto-adjusting light according to the time of the day to stimulate the lighting change as the sun sets.



Our massaging eye mask releases the tension built up around your temple and face thus improving your sleep. It also includes a heating element and as well as optional scent packs. 



1 WaveZ 

1 PillowZ

1 LightZ

1 ShadeZ

$1,000 - 1 WaveZ, 1 PillowZ, 1 LightZ, 1 ShadeZ

1 WaveZ 

2 PillowZ

3 LightZ

1 ShadeZ

$2,500 - 1 WaveZ, 2 PillowZ, 3 LightZ, 1 ShadeZ

5 WaveZ 

4 PillowZ

2 LightZ

3 ShadeZ

$5,000 - 5 WaveZ, 4 PillowZ, 2 LightZ, 3 ShadeZ

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30-20 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA 

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